Seven Maltese to be evacuated from Israel / Malta News Briefing – Monday 9th October 2023

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Seven Maltese to be evacuated from Israel

Seven Maltese citizens who were in Israel will soon be returning to Malta, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said. These individuals had reached out to the Maltese embassy for assistance in leaving Israel following the recent attacks by Hamas militants from Gaza. Due to the worsening security conditions, both Air Malta and several other prominent airlines had canceled their flights to Israel. A ministry spokesperson indicated that the seven Maltese citizens will be departing from Tel Aviv airport, and suitable connecting flights have been arranged to facilitate their return to Malta. (Times of Malta)

Chamber CEO calls for economic model transformation.

Marthese Portelli, the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, has highlighted the need for a transformation in Malta’s economic model. She emphasized the necessity of shifting from an input-driven model to one that is growth-driven and centered on value addition. Portelli said that the Malta Chamber of Commerce is of the opinion that Malta’s economic growth model should transition towards greater sustainability. Economic growth rooted in reduced labour input can enhance the quality of life and alleviate the strain on Malta’s infrastructure at all levels, she insisted, adding that “this year’s budget cannot be simply more of the same. It needs to set a new direction and clearly lay out how the necessary changes, reforms and initiatives to shift to a well-being economy are actually going to become a reality”. (The Malta Independent)

PN leads Labour by 5,000 votes – Maltatoday survey

With an increasing number of Labour voters shifting towards the expanding category of non-voters, the Nationalist Party currently holds a slight lead with a relative majority of two points over the Labour Party, according to MaltaToday’s October survey. The survey indicates that the PN has garnered 45.8% of support, while the PL follows closely with 43.8%. Additionally, other political parties collectively command the backing of 10.5% of the electorate. Considering a projected historically low turnout of 69%, the gap between the two major parties amounts to 4,858 votes, measured as a percentage of valid votes cast in relation to all eligible voters. (Maltatoday)

Govt has clear vision for country – PM

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the Government has a well-defined vision for the nation’s direction over the next decade. Concluding the Labour Party’s general conference, themed ‘Insaħħu Malta Tagħna’ (Let’s Strengthen Our Malta), the Prime Minister noted that within the first eighteen months of the legislative term, the Government had already accomplished the equivalent of two and a half years’ worth of promises outlined in the electoral manifesto. Dr. Abela emphasized the Government’s readiness to confront the challenges confronting the country, and he also disclosed ongoing efforts by authorities to reduce the prices of specific medicines.

Benefit cheats were told EU money was being diverted for Labour voters

Further revelations on the disability benefits racket indicate that canvassers from the Labour Party were allegedly encouraging individuals to apply for said benefits by falsely claiming that the funds would be sourced from a European Union package, with a portion allocated for infrastructure and the remainder earmarked for distribution among PL supporters. In recent weeks, recipients have informed the police that this was just one of several methods employed by intermediaries to incentivise ineligible individuals to seek benefits. In return for their efforts, these intermediaries were purportedly set to receive substantial kickbacks, amounting to thousands of euros. Recipients have further informed the police that individuals with strong connections to the PL, an aide to a former Labour minister, and individuals who frequently appeared on television during Labour-related activities were actively promoting this scheme among numerous individuals who were not legitimately entitled to receive these benefits. (Times of Malta)

PN offers stability, Labour imploding – Grech

PN leader Bernard Grech said that the Nationalist Party was focused on working to improve the quality of people’s lives. Interviewed on NET TV, Dr. Grech said that the Labour Party had major internal problems and mentioned the recent resignation of Gzira Mayor, Conrad Borg Manche’, from the Labour Party. He said that, on the contrary, the Nationalist Party was stable, prepared and focused. He claimed that the Nationalist Party could opt for a new economic model and create quality jobs.

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