Inflation drops slightly, still above EU average / Malta News Briefing – Saturday 19 August 2023

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Inflation drops slightly, still above EU average

Data released by the National Statistics Office (NSO) reveals that Malta’s inflation rate in July dropped to 5.6% from the preceding month’s 6.2%. While Malta’s inflation rate is below the average of the European Union, it surpasses the average of the Euro zone. In July, the annual inflation rate for the Euro area experienced a minor decline from 5.5% in June to 5.3%. Additionally, the European Union’s annual inflation rate saw a decrease from 6.4% in June to 6.1%. (Maltatoday)

Transport Malta to black list road contractors responsible for delays

Road contractors that deliver subpar results or contribute to project delays will be placed on a blacklist, Transport Malta said. The authority will undertake the task of overseeing contractors to guarantee their compliance with regulations and the stipulated terms and conditions of projects, including the designated timeframes. TM added that a dedicated committee will be responsible for determining whether a contractor should be added to the blacklist. Entities like Infrastructure Malta and the Public Works Department are in charge of constructing new roads, often outsourcing a significant portion of the work to contractors. Nevertheless, the issuance of permits falls under the jurisdiction of Transport Malta. (Times of Malta)

Morning Briefing

Msida Creek project to kick off as tender issued
Infrastructure Malta has published its works tender for the Msida Creek project, which will include flyovers as well as a new public piazza in front of St Joseph’s Parish Church. The winning bidders for the project are expected to complete it within two years and provide a 10-year operations and maintenance service. The tender will be uploaded into the government’s electronic tender system on Friday and will be available to the public tomorrow. It will remain open for three months and will be followed by an adjudication period which is expected to take between two to three months. (Times of Malta)

PN closes Ħamrun club after feast troubles

The Nationalist Party announced that its administrative council had made the decision to temporarily shut down the party club located in Ħamrun. Despite not providing a specific reason for this decision, it comes shortly after PN leader Bernard Grech was denied entry to his own party’s club in Ħamrun during the San Cajetan morning March on Sunday. This incident resulted in a confrontation that led to a party supporter sustaining serious injuries. According to reports, the altercation occurred when Grech joined PN supporters during the well-attended morning march and attempted to access the PN’s club situated on St Joseph High Road. (Newsbook)

Bathers urged to avoid Tigne Point beach
The Environmental Health Directorate has urged bathers to avoid the pet-friendly beach at Tignè Point following the presence of a white material at the bay. “Until further notice bathing is not recommended due to the presence of a white material that may presenting a risk to bathers’ health. The EHOs are investigating to determine the source of contamination. The duration of the contamination cannot be predicted at this stage,” it said. (Maltatoday)

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