Malta News Briefing – Sunday 12 March 2023

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Morning Briefing

Judge slams Government for failing to provide resources to judiciary

A judge has severely criticised the government for failing to provide the resources necessary for the judiciary to function effectively and deliver justice within a reasonable time. Mr Justice Francesco Depasquale described as the “shameful” delay in a case instituted by a Maltese firm owed €100,000 by a bankrupt Italian catering company. The court found that the Maltese company suffered a breach of rights when the local courts took five years to appoint the debtor’s appeal for hearing. (Times of Malta)

NGO says BCRS scheme not helping reduce single-use containers
The Association for Consumer Rights has argued that while Malta’s Beverage Container Return Scheme might be pushing consumers to recycle single-use-beverage containers, yet it was not reducing use of single-use beverage containers in the first place. The ACR said plastic beverage containers could only be recycled a limited number of times after which they become waste that also needs to be disposed of. “ACR Malta urges the authorities to make it a priority to incentivise the public to reduce single-use-beverage containers. (Maltatoday)

More than 60% of post-grads are women
Six out of every ten graduates at post-graduate level with Masters and Doctorates are women. The figures were provided by University of Malta at a time when graduation ceremonies are being held at these levels, with a total of 1,400 student graduates. A total of 3,400 students will graduate from the University of Malta this year. (TVM)

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