OHSA Chair calls for name and shame in construction industry – Malta News Briefing – Thursday 17 August 2023

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OHSA Chair calls for name and shame in construction industry

Speaking during the public inquiry that is looking into the death of Jean Paul Sofia, Perit David Xuereb, the Chairperson of OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Authority), called for a “name and shame” approach within the construction industry. He said that this particular industry was made up of both responsible participants and those who disregard regulations. Xuereb advocated for the removal of licenses and the redirection of non-compliant entities to different work sectors to prevent endangering others. He likened the industry to an ailing patient, stressing the need for thorough attention and care. He asserted that the industry necessitates intervention and oversight. Xuereb highlighted the absence of regulation within Malta’s industry for an extended period of time. (Times of Malta)

ERA sees no need for assessment on major mall on outskirts of Għaxaq

The Environment and Resources Authority’ has determined that a sizable retail complex on the outskirts of Għaxaq and Żejtun does not necessitate an environmental assessment due to the projected minor impact it will have. However, this conclusion is subject to a condition: the construction of a roundabout at the entrance of the planned development along Tal-Barrani Road. This shopping mall, located adjacent to the Lidl supermarket, is designed to span nearly 19,000 square meters of retail space. Nevertheless, the undertaking is anticipated to bring about a notable rise in vehicular activity to the vicinity. (Maltatoday)

Morning Briefing

Hospital condition puts off mental health patients from seeking help – NGO

The deteriorated condition of Mount Carmel Hospital is causing mental health patients to think twice about seeking support there, according to the non-governmental organization (NGO) Victim Support Malta. Describing distressing personal stories, Julienne Grima, the chairperson of the NGO, revealed that they assist patients who have made multiple suicide attempts. Grima insisted that these patients require immediate care but are faced with limited choices. “Regrettably, Mount Carmel Hospital, as the sole mental health facility available, has garnered a negative reputation, and individuals are reluctant to consider it as an option,” she elaborated. (Maltatoday)

Owen Bonnici defends new job to Norma Saliba

Culture Minister Owen Bonnici has dismissed objections regarding the appointment of Norma Saliba, the former head of news at TVM, to a newly established government role shortly after her departure from the newsroom. Bonnici defended the decision by asserting that Saliba was chosen for the position due to her exceptional competence. The Culture Ministry surprised the public by unveiling the ‘Centre of the Maltese Language’ led by Saliba, a move that was not preannounced. Bonnici explained his approach arguing: “I select individuals based on their aptitude to effectively fulfill governmental responsibilities.” (Times of Malta)

Man gets bail after domestic violence charges

A 41-year-old individual hailing from iż-Żurrieq has been released on bail subsequent to being accused of causing severe harm to his partner. The man, whose identity is protected by a court order, appeared before magistrate Charmaine Galea on a Wednesday morning. Police inspector Omar Zammit formally charged the man with inflicting serious injuries upon his partner, with whom he shares children. The incident allegedly occurred on Tuesday morning at their residence in Żurrieq. Additionally, the man faced accusations of instilling fear of violence and making threats against the woman, along with disrupting public peace. The accused individual refuted all the charges. In the courtroom, it was revealed that the woman had reported the man to the police after allegedly being assaulted with a broomstick and pushed down a staircase. Consequently, the incident led to the woman sustaining a fractured arm. (Newsbook)

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