Malta News Briefing – Tuesday 2 May 2023

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Morning Briefing

PM calls for reform in planning laws

Prime Minister Robert Abela has called for a “discussion” about reforming planning laws to effectively freeze developments until appeals processes are exhausted. Speaking at a Labour Party event on May Day, Abela highlighted the environment, affordable housing and living standards as Labour government priorities. Abela said the time had come for “major reform” in the planning sector, though he stopped short of providing any detail about what he had in mind. The government will be working on building a stock of affordable apartments, he said, and it will announce more incentives to help people own their homes. (Times of Malta)

Abela gave blessing on sale of hospitals – PN leader
PN leader Bernard Grech said that Labour government sold three public hospitals to foreign thieves, “opening the door wide open to them and showing them exactly how they can steal from us”. He described the latest announcement of a cheque being sent to people as a cover-up after “robbing” taxpayers and pigging out on millions of euros. Grech said it was Prime Minister Robert Abela who, as legal counsel to Cabinet at the time, gave his blessing so that the three hospitals can be resold to Steward Healthcare instead of being returned to government after Vitals exited the concession. (Maltatoday)

Jean Paul Sofia’s mother lays wreath at Workers’ Monument

Isabelle Bonnici, mother of construction victim Jean Paul Sofia, placed a wreath at the Workers’ Memorial in Msida to mark Workers’ Day. Sofia, 20, was killed in December after a building still under construction collapsed at Corradino Industrial Estate. The youngster’s family has been insisting on a public inquiry into the death, but such calls have been dismissed by the government. A paper on the wreath read “For Jean Paul and all the workers who lost their lives at their workplace”. (Newsbook)

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