Malta News Briefing – Wednesday 15 November 2023

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Morning Briefing

Passengers attempt to flee plane departing from Malta

A Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Algiers had to make an emergency landing in Malta on Tuesday due to a sick passenger. While medical assistance was being provided, two passengers tried to flee the plane, dashing onto the airport apron, seemingly attempting to escape into Malta. Airport security swiftly caught and detained them with police assistance. Adding to the complexity, four children traveling with the unwell passenger refused to continue the flight. Despite pressure from authorities, the captain declined to take off with the agitated children, citing potential risks to other passengers. Ultimately, none of these passengers continued the journey. The flight resumed later as the sick passenger received medical care at Mater Dei Hospital. (Times of Malta)

PN says increase offered to educators is lower than COLA – Government denies

According to Justin Schembri, the education spokesperson for the Nationalist Party, the government’s recent pay raise offers to educators fall short of the significant increases pledged during the elections. Schembri emphasized during a press briefing on the education sector that the proposed salary increment from the government was even lower than the upcoming year’s cost of living adjustment (COLA). The Opposition MP’s allegation was denied by the government, who said the claim was a “lie” (Maltatoday)

MDB, EIB join forces to support green transition

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Malta Development Bank (MDB) have announced an agreement to boost the green transition of small and medium-sized companies and public sector entities. To this end, the EIB will provide MDB with a €30 million loan to finance much-needed small-scale green investments on favourable conditions. With this financing, the MDB will provide access to credit to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), mid-caps and local authorities willing to invest in projects that contribute to the fight against adverse climate change. MDB will pass on the EIB’s favourable financing conditions and a longer repayment period to final beneficiaries, enabling entities that plan to invest in sustainable projects to make major financial savings. Through this agreement, the EIB will be leveraging on MDB’s market positioning, local outreach, and ability to channel funds in Malta.

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