Loyalty towards political party on decline – survey / Malta News Dispatch – Friday 2nd June 2023

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Loyalty towards political party on decline – survey

According to the latest State of the nation survey, the number of Maltese citizens remaining loyal to a specific political party is declining. The survey reveals that two-thirds of Maltese individuals claim to have always voted for the same party, which is a decrease of 15% compared to two years ago.
In the survey’s inaugural edition in 2021, 83% of respondents stated their unwavering party allegiance, whereas this year’s survey shows a decrease to 67%.
The findings from the annual survey’s third edition, conducted by statistician Vincent Marmará and commissioned by the Office of the President, were presented during a conference held at Verdala Palace on Friday morning. With over 1,000 participants, the survey provides researchers with a snapshot of Maltese society, shedding light on the beliefs and values that shape the perspectives of its people. (Times of Malta)

Tumuluri says Steward, no Vitals paid monies to Muscat

Ram Tumuluri is denying that former prime minister Joseph Muscat had received payments from Vitals Global Healthcare, and accused Steward Health Care of doing so. In a statement, Tumuluri describes himself as “a lawful whistleblower who has bravely came forward to disclose illegal activity by current and/or former senior Maltese government officials and current and/or former officials with Steward Health Care”. Despite his denial that VGH provided any funds to Muscat, Tumuluri maintains that the payments mentioned in the media are connected to Steward Health Care and occurred subsequent to the awarding of the hospitals concession to the company. (Maltatoday)

Malta on course for top-two GSSE finish

As the week-long Games of the Small States of Europe approach the final two days of competition, Team Malta is poised to achieve its highest-ever ranking. The Maltese athletes have delivered a remarkable performance throughout the week, resulting in a gold medal spree that has propelled the team to an unprecedented position on the medals table. Currently, on Friday morning, Team Malta sits in an exceptional second place in the standings, securing an impressive total of 49 medals consisting of 20 gold, 12 silver, and 17 bronze. Close to half of all gold medals, nine, were won in athletics.

Morning Briefing

PM Abela calls for better Med energy connectivity

During the European Political Community summit in Moldova, PM Robert Abela called for Mediterranean investment in renewable energy and highlighted Malta’s ongoing efforts to promote investment in clean energy. He emphasized the need for enhanced interconnections not only among European countries but also within the Mediterranean region and with North Africa. The summit, attended by 45 European leaders, took place at Castle Mimi, a wine estate located just 20 kilometers away from the conflict-affected border with Ukraine. The meeting focused on energy and connectivity, with the participation of leaders from Italy, Cyprus, Ireland, and the European Union, among others. Abela emphasized the potential of the Mediterranean to become a hub for clean and renewable energy by investing in improved connectivity. (Times of Malta)

Financial Corporations hold 60% of government debt – NSO
The General Government debt for 2022 amounted to €9,003.4 million or 53.4 per cent of GDP, the NSO repored. The biggest share of debt is held by the Financial Corporations (60.4 per cent), followed by the Rest of World (22.0 per cent) and Households and Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households (15.7 per cent). The average remaining maturity of the debt was 8 years 4 months.

Woman conditional discharged on abortion
A woman who was charged with having an abortion was given a conditional discharge. The lobby group Doctors for Choice said that the woman was brought to court and accused of performing a medical abortion at home. They said that the woman was assisted by the lawyers of the Women’s Rights Foundation. The group added that throughout the procedures, including the police investigation, the woman was treated with the dignity and respect that she rightfully deserves from both the police and the judicial system. While they acknowledged and appreciated the actions taken by the authorities, it does not alter the fact that the woman should never have been charged initially. (TVM)

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