Malta News Dispatch – Saturday 3 June 2023

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Morning Briefing

PM ‘uncomfortable’ with abortion charges

During an interview at the State of the Nation conference, Prime Minister Robert Abela expressed his discomfort with the situation where a young woman has been charged with abortion. He emphasized the need for a debate on this matter, highlighting his personal stance as someone who is open to change and deeply concerned about social injustice. The Prime Minister’s comments were made in reference to the recent case where a woman, who received legal support from the Women’s Rights Foundation, was accused and convicted of having a medical abortion at home. (Times of Malta)

Team Malta secures three gold medals on Friday, GSSE to close today
Team Malta continued to extend its record medal haul on Friday, with gold medals in tennis, squash and swimming. The week-long sports bonanza comes to an end today with different events around the island including a full afternoon at the Marsa Athletics Stadium where Team Malta is expected to be a major protagonist. Malta has won 25 gold medals at the GSSE, a record.

Third of young people wish they were born elsewhere

According to the third edition of the State of the Nation survey, one out of every three individuals under the age of 25 expressed a desire not to have been born in Malta. The survey, commissioned by the Office of the President, presented its findings during a conference held at Verdala Palace on Friday. While a majority of respondents (74.8%) indicated that they are content with being born in Malta, 35% of individuals in the 25 and under age group expressed a wish to have been born and raised elsewhere. (Newsbook)

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