Malta News Evening Roundup

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The following are the salient stories on Malta’s news portals for today.



TVM leads with a story in relation to two people who suffered injuries following a theft which took place at the paying station of the lido of the Corinthia Hotel in St. Julians.


Newsbook leads with the case where three cars were engulfed by fire in Villa Abbate street, Żabbar. The incident happened around 2.30 on Sunday afternoon.

It is not clear whether they were allegedly set on fire. TVM reports the three vehicles had contravention notices placed on them as they had been abandoned for several days. The notices were issued last Tuesday, the owners having three days in which to remove them. Two days after they were supposed to have been removed they were set alight.


The Prime Minister and the PN Leader both spoke about various issues in their Sunday political interventions, which this week took the format of a radio interview.

The Times leads with the comment from Prime Minister Joseph Muscat that signatures on declarations of trust linking Michelle Muscat to Panama company Egrant were not the only forgeries identified in a magistrate’s inquiry.  Speaking on Sunday during an interview on ONE radio, Dr Muscat said he was not surprised that certain people were seeking to undermine the Egrant inquiry.  This argument also features on the other portals, with One leading with the forthcoming announcements of more investment to Malta.

The PN Leader Adrian Delia referred to the Constitutional case filed against the Attorney General and insisted on the importance of the case. The Malta Independent’s portal quotes Delia saying that if he cannot fulfil his role as Leader of Opposition because the Attorney General decides he is not to be given a copy of the Egrant inquiry report, this means he cannot function as the Constitution would have him do.

Net News portal’s story is on the same vein. Stories also refer to other issues, from the direct order worth €0.25 billion for an extension to St Vincent de Paule Hospital to other cases.


In the meantime The Malta Independent Portal‘s lead story is a follow up from Sunday’s news paper which says that there is no tangible evidence as yet on Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s claim that there was Russian ‘involvement’ in the Egrant affair.


The Times portal leads with a story from its print version, about  Joseph Cuschieri, the newly appointed chief executive officer of Malta’s independent financial services regulator, the Malta Financial Services Authority, has been given a basic salary of €115,000 a year.  It goes on saying that in addition to this he has a raft of perks and fringe benefits which push Joseph Cuschieri’s financial package to more than €11,500 a month, nearly three times the salary of the Prime Minister. It adds that despite his new role as a fully independent regulator, Mr Cuschieri has already raised some eyebrows in the financial services industry, as he continues to post partisan comments on social media.


iNEWS carries a series on interviews with owner of Karozzini (Traditional Horse Cabs) in view of recent issues and in view the protest which took place yesterday. The report says that the real issue is that those who protest aren’t necessarily in favour of the horses’ well being but its because they are against them (the owners).


Shift News reports about a study by the Stanford Graduate School of Education found that students had difficulty distinguishing whether news or information found online was fake or true. Although very fluent and savvy in the use of social media, young people had difficulty in picking out which information was true and what was false.


Lovin Malta and iNews carry a story about the sighting of dolphins by boats in Delimara.



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