Malta News Evening Roundup – Monday 13th August 2018

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Malta’s portals today share similar disturbing stories in their headlines and as their main news items.


Newsbook reports that the Planning Authority has closed a farm in Qormi after finding out that around 110 migrants were living there in an illegal manner. The Times reports that the immigrants were living in cow stalls, which had been sub-divided into partitions with numerous beds, principal direction officer Charles Gafa said. The open-air ‘shower cubicles’ were full of green mould, with water seeping into the ‘courtyard’. Sources told The Malta Independent that the migrants were each paying €200 per room per month, and that the owner was making €10,000 per month from this income.


TVM and  Malta Today lead with the story where Stevan Karanovich, a 57 year old Serbian National and a former porn actor exposed himself in front of two girls at a Qormi supermarket. The incident occurred near the cheese counter on Saturday. Karanovich, a resident of Rabat, was arraigned in Court today and charged with intentionally exposing himself to two under-age girls. Police who raided his residence found photographs and videos of child pornography, even involving newborns.


The Times of Malta, Net News and One News all lead with the item where a Maltese patrol boat rescued 114 migrants on Monday morning after finding them drifting in a sinking dinghy.


Europe Explained JourovaCorporate Dispatch reports about the story on the Financial Times that Brussels is preparing to crack down on EU governments,  that award citizenships to rich people from outside the bloc, as concerns mount about so-called dirty money from Russia.


The EU states with “citizenship by investment” schemes include Malta, Cyprus, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Portugal.


MaltaToday reports that Environment Minister Jose Herrera was involved in a car accident while on his way home at 12.30am on Monday, a statement by the ministry said. Herrera was a passenger in the private car when it was involved in a car accident in Attard. Herrera was accompanied by his wife.


The Malta Independent reports that a post on popular Facebook group ‘RUBS PUPPY LOVE’ has claimed that cat was allegedly beaten to death in front of patrons of a restaurant.  Patrons were visibly outraged by this, and when they reported the actions of this man to an employee, all they were greeted with was a shrug of the shoulders. The manager is said to have covered the feline with a towel. The management of the restaurant issued a statement where apart from condoning the act gave their version of events.



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