Malta notes outcome of the election of Libya transitional government

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In a statement, Malta’s government, said that Malta notes the outcome of the election for the transitional government of Libya. Best wishes for a united Libya run by Libyans for the common good of Libyans in a peaceful and prosperous Libya.

Earlier on Saturday, Minister Bartolo said welcomed the new developments in Libya and augured that this is a new dawn for the Libyan people. Neighbouring Malta’s minister said that the most crucial thing is that the new leadership will be able to form a government which will bring a new page for the country and which will help the people of the country overcome the hardships that the conflict brought.

‘The Libyans deserve the chance to be able to live in peace and prosper. There are over 1,000,000 persons who are at risk of, or live in poverty. One third of these are children,” he said. There are over 304,000 immigrants and 44,000 refugees. Minister Bartolo said that a lot of the country’s hospitals were destroyed during the war and there is a lack of medicine.

“I wish the people of Libya the peace they deserve,” he added.

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