Malta’s Foreign Minister calls for ceasefire in Gaza to stop the killing of many innocent people including children

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Malta’s foreign minister Evarist Bartolo called for a ceasefire in Gaza on Saturday during a meeting with his counterpart from the Palestinian National Authority. 

The two ministers agreed on the need for a ceasefire to stop the killing of so many innocent people, including children, the Maltese foreign ministry said in a statement. 

In their discussion, the two Ministers said that the Palestinian people must be involved in any potential solution, which should include the right of Palestinians to live in their homes in East Jerusalem and to have full respect for the practice of the three religions in Jerusalem. They were also reported of having expressed concern over the ferocity of the current unrest, and the fact that Israeli and Israeli-Arab neighbours who had lived together for many years in communities in Israel were turning against each other “with hatred and violence they had never shown before”.

Bartolo confirmed Malta’s position in favour of the two states solution where Israelis and Palestinians live side by side in security and peace. He called for a halt to the attacks by both sides against each other. In this context, he expressed his appreciation to all those countries that are working to stop the fighting. 

Times of Malta