‘Maltese’ companies spend £21 million to sponsor 4 British Premier League teams as a group of ‘Maltese’ entrepreneurs eye Italian club Cesena

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According to a report on the Mail on Sunday, four English Premier League teams are being sponsored by Maltese companies.

Westham is being sponsored by Betway to the tune of £10 million. Crystal Palace are being sponsored £6.5 million by MainBetX, Burnley are being sponsored over £3 million by a company called Laba (which in Maltese sounds as the word Lagħba which translates in gamblers) and Huddersfield are sponsored by the company Ope Sports to the tune of £1.5 million.

The club which has the highest sponsorship in the Premier League remains Manchester United which gets £47 million from Chevrolet, followed closely by Manchester City which gets £45 million from Qatar Airways.

In another separate story, a group of un-named Malta based entrepreneurs are bidding for the acquisition of Italian football club Cesena.

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