Maltese Editors’ Perspectives

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The Times of Malta describes the responsibilities which newly-elected US President Joe Biden is facing, saying the primary goals should be to restore his country’s global leadership, reassert its faith in democratic norms and principles.

The Independent discusses the financial issues facing today’s younger generation, particularly high property prices which makes it very hard for young people to be home owners.

L-Orizzont expresses concern that the workers and marginalised persons in the United States will suffer further under the Presidency of Joe Biden, according to the Editor’s interpretation of his past decisions.

In-Nazzjon dwells into the Electrogas saga, explaining how the Auditor-General described this project as a bad example of bad governance.

Through its leader, the Business Today calls for fairness, oversight and transparency in public procurement. The Editor argues that the absence of blacklisting of bidders for public tenders remains a major lacuna in the government procurement process.

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