Maltese generally support EU, Government response to Ukraine war

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70% of respondents in Malta are very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the response by the Government of Malta to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, and 68% are satisfied with the EU’s response. The data emerged from the most recent Eurobarometer survey.

High peaks of positive opinion have also been reached when considering the EU’s defence of European values and its provision of humanitarian support to people affected by the war. 80% of respondents also consider Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to be a threat to Malta’s security.

This wave of the Eurobarometer confirmed again the very positive perceptions respondents have in Malta about the European Union with 73% as very optimistic or fairly optimistic about the future of the European Union.

Respondents in Malta view EU membership as something very positive for the country with 76% stating that they disagree with the statement that Malta could better face the future outside the EU.

61% of respondents stated that they are in favour of the idea that more decisions are taken at an EU level, with the most important results of EU membership being the free movement of people, goods and services; the euro; and peace among EU Member States.

Malta scores higher than the EU average in favourable opinions about the EU, with a predominance of positive opinions within the 15-24 age cohort. 83% of respondents believe that NextGenerationEU, the Union’s plan to support the economy through grants and loans, has been an effective measure to respond to the current economic challenges.

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