Maltese night-life zones have become more dangerous than ever before – Malta Independent on Sunday

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Areas synonymous with night-life, such as Buġibba and Paceville, have become more dangerous than ever before, with daily occurrences of brawls, drugs, and prostitution now normalised, sources familiar with the nightlife and entertainment industry have admitted with the Malta Independent on Sunday. 

Discussing the situation in entertainment hotspots, concerned sources familiar with the industry told The Malta Independent on Sunday that the number brawls and the drug situation ‘has gotten out of hand’.

The report adds that even if these elements always existed to some extent, especially when it comes to nightlife; however, over the past five years, and especially the last two years, the situation has deteriorated to the point that nightly brawls, and extensive drug dealing and abuse have become something of the norm.

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The trouble-maker groups have become organised. In places like Buġibba, the person explains, it is well known that some areas are considered the ‘territory’ of certain groups, which are normally segregated by nationality.

This is not, however, a question of race, the source insists. He notes that even Maltese have involved themselves in the illegalities that are now rife in entertainment areas, especially when it comes to drugs and prostitution.

“The drugs situation is out of control,” the source says. “Years ago, people used to approach you and say ‘ Can I get you a drink?’, but today people approach you and say ‘Can I get you a line?’ – it is rampant.”

The source laments the alarming increase in cocaine use. The assertion fits with what has already been said in the public sphere; sources within the police drugs squad and leading narcotics experts have all indicated that there has been a ‘boom’ in cocaine use across the country, while customs officials are seizing record amounts of drugs – especially cocaine – which are being smuggled into Malta through the Freeport.

The source notes that the most worrying aspect is that such crime is organised; back-up in the case of a fight or drug supplies are just a phone call away.

Prostitution, meanwhile, is also rife. One source explains that at a particular establishment, a person even has his own corner near the bar and is accompanied by two women – sometimes the same, sometimes different – and effectively looks to ‘rent’ them out to people at the establishment.

How has the situation deteriorated to such an extent? “There is no control,” replies one of the sources. “A sheer lack of enforcement,” replies another. Things have long been deteriorating, they say, but the situation is now dire, yet nothing is being done about it.

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