Man who lent identity to Messina Denaro arrested

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A week after the blitz that led to the capture of the boss Matteo Messina Denaro, Andrea Bonafede, a surveyor from Campobello di Mazara, was arrested on charges of mafia association after he allegedly let the Mafia boss use his identity. Denaro was arrested last week after seeking cancer treatment after a 30-year long escape.

Bonafede is considered by the investigators to be one of Denaro’s most loyal supporters, the man who, according to the Palermo prosecutors, in addition to delivering his identity card to the former fugitive, to allow him to obtain a false documents and the health card necessary for therapies and medical visits, bought the house where the mafia boss spent the last years of freedom.

Bonafede reportedly also confessed to having allowed Denaro to use his credit card for expenses incurred on the run: dinners in restaurants, purchases of designer clothes.

In addition to Denaro and Bonafede the police are investigating three other people in connection with the case. Among them are two doctors who treated Denaro and an olive dealer who brought the mob boss to the clinic for treatment. Meanwhile, a second doctor is also being examined. Police have carriet out searches at the oncology department of the hospital in the city of Trapani, where Messina Denaro was treated for a while.

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