Med-Tech Summit pushes innovation and progress in medical technology

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“Significant strides have been made in attracting tangible investment in R&D but continued incentives for investment, strengthening intellectual property protection, and fostering collaboration with research institutions remain the three main priorities that can nurture further growth in research and development,” says Dr Dylan Attard, CEO of Med-Tech World Summit.

The forthcoming annual Malta Med-Tech World Summit on the 19th and 20th of October promises a prestigious showcase of groundbreaking developments in healthcare and collaboration among experts from around the world, turning Malta into a hub of innovation in the field of medical technology and drawing global attention to its remarkable advancements.

“As the country seeks to grow this sector further, more focus should be placed on fostering a favourable regulatory environment, on investment in adequate infrastructure and on long-term investments in developing a skilled workforce. This is what will support innovation, attract investment, and ensure the sector’s sustained growth whilst competing with other attractive jurisdictions competing for the same investment,” added Dr Attard.

The Malta Med-Tech World Summit plays a significant role in the sector by fostering knowledge sharing, facilitating networking and partnerships, showcasing innovation, and generating policy recommendations. Moreover, by promoting synergy between the pharmaceutical and med-tech industries, the event enhances Malta’s reputation as a hub for innovation and investment in these sectors on a global scale.

This year’s theme underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in driving transformative changes in healthcare. Participants are encouraged to explore diverse topics, ranging from novel surgical techniques to breakthroughs in pharmacological research.

“I look at this summit as a beacon of hope, uniting bright minds to shape the future of healthcare positively and beckoning researchers to contribute their part. This ensures the summit is an arena where the most groundbreaking ideas converge to shape the future of medicine for the better,” added Dr Attard.


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