MEP Casa welcomes Work-Life Balance Directive implementation, regrets bare minimum effort

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MEP David Casa welcomed the transposition of the rights enshrined in the Work-Life Balance Directive. Casa was the European Parliament’s lead negotiator for the new family rights that are set to be implemented across the EU by next month. “These rights will result in a better work-life balance that will improve families’ quality of life, improve opportunities for mothers in the workplace, improve gender equality, and bring a positive impact on the Maltese and Gozitan economies.”

Casa explained that the Directive sets the minimum standards for work life balance measures in the European Union. He noted that the Maltese Government opted for the bare minimum. “The Directive sets out the minimum. I would have liked to see more initiative on the part of the Government, in line with the proposals pushed by Partit Nazzjonalista. Our families certainly deserve it.”

Casa regretted that the Maltese Government waited until the last moment to give families rights that could have been implemented as early as 2019. Casa expressed his concern about how the new measures will be financed after 2023, after the Government announced that the private sector will be involved in financing the measures. “While the impact of the work life balance measures will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the economy, it was always my hope that it would be Government that funds such a vital step for our working families. “We need more detail as to how this will be implemented.”

The transposition was announced by the Maltese Government in a press conference delivered earlier today.

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