MPT Introduces QR Codes at Bus Stops to Improve Accessibility

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QR code uses technology to tell those at bus stop exactly when their bus will arrive

Malta Public Transport has introduced QR codes on all its bus stops as part of its investment in technology to improve punctuality and accessibility.

While the printed timetable at each bus stop provides the estimated time of arrival, scanning the QR code will give passengers real-time updates about their bus’s distance from the bus stop. This is because the information comes directly from buses using GPS technology, where every bus transmits its current location to the central system every 30 seconds.

This location is then sent to the QR codes on each of the 2,000 bus stops around Malta and Gozo, as well as the Tallinja App, ensuring that the information on buses’ time of arrival is reliable, and constantly updated.

Malta Public Transport users can already see buses’ estimated time of arrival on the Tallinja App, which has been downloaded over 320,000 times, and is used by an estimated 47.9% of total unique bus passengers each month. This information is now also being shared with those passengers who have not downloaded the Tallinja app on their device, so that they can still access the information by scanning the QR codes on the summer timetables at every bus stop.

Now in its sixth year of operations, the Tallinja App continues to be a convenient way for passengers to receive real-time information about the bus service. It also allows people to plan their journeys by indicating the closest bus stop to each user.

The Tallinja App also gives Tallinja cardholders additional benefits, allowing them to check their card balance, top-up their card and track their bus trips.

The Tallinja App can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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