New violence escalation along Gaza-Israel border

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Euronews reports that “Israeli troops fatally shot three people and injured more than 600 others during Friday’s weekly protest along the Gaza-Israel border, according to medics in Gaza.”

According to the reports some 10,000 Palestinians took part in the protest, according to the Israeli army, throwing rocks at troops, burning tyres, and hurling “a number of explosive devices and a grenade” across the fence.

Hundreds of Israeli troops were deployed and fired tear gas and live bullets.

Israel Defense Forces had issued warnings on leaflets throughout Gaza and on Twitter, warning civilians to stay away from the fence.

The Times of Israel writes that in “addition to kites and balloons outfitted with pouches of burning fuel — which have become a regular occurrence at protests — the army said it had intercepted a number of airborne explosive devices that were being flown into Israel.

Troops fired tear gas canisters at the mobs of demonstrators. The IDF also confirmed that live rounds were fired in accordance with its rules of engagement.”

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