New York Times describes Malta as ‘Mafia State’

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The New York Times gives extensive coverage to the ongoing scandal in Malta in an article titled “Malta Murder Investigation Closes In on Mafia State”.

Andrew Higgins, the Moscow Bureau Chief for the New York Times, writes in detail about the latest developments in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder proceedings and the current situation in Malta

Higgins writes that the spectacle of a member state of the European Union veering so far from the rule of law — especially one whose prime minister, Joseph Muscat, was once seen as a possible candidate to take over the presidency of the bloc — has stirred dismay and outrage across Europe.

He quotes among other Assita Kanko, an elected member of the European Parliament from Belgium who was raised in Burkina Faso and visited Malta recently as part of a delegation of alarmed European legislators., who said: “I never knew growing up in a small village in Africa that I would ever see what I see here in a member of the European Union.”

Higgins, who was on the team awarded the 2017 Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting, and led a team that won the same prize in 1999 while he was Moscow bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal,  writes that purchase of Maltese passports opened mouthwatering vistas for corrupt officials, unrestrained by rickety law enforcement and judicial systems that could not keep pace and are largely beholden to the prime minister, who controls all key appointments.

The New York Times also spoke to Yorgen Fenech during a break in the court proceedings, where Mr. Fenech said the prosecution case casting him as the sole mastermind of the murder plot “is all a cover-up.”



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