North Korea’s map of death

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The Transitional Justice Working Group, based in Seoul, has revealed what its claiming are hundreds of locations of execution sites across North Korea.

The report, “Mapping the Fate of the Dead: Killings and Burials in North Korea,” documents and maps locations associated with state-sanctioned killings inside the secretive and isolated state.

The report found that the most common offenses that results in the death penalty in North Korea are: murder or attempted murder, stealing copper, human trafficking, stealing cows and other forms of property and economic crimes.

The full report can be seen here

The report took four years to compile and is based on both satellite imagery and 610 interviews with people who escaped North Korea. It includes details of 323 state-sanctioned killing grounds, complete with geographical coordinates.

The report details 318 public execution sites, where most executions are carried out by firing squad. As the public are required to watch them, the killings take place in wide spaces – from open fields and riverbeds to market squares, school premises and sports grounds.

Some 16% of the interviewees reported a family member being executed, while an astonishing 27% said family members had been victims of enforced disappearances by state authorities – with most of them still missing – the report found.


Via The Asia Times/ The Transitional Justice Working Group


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