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1483 – Edward V (aged 12) succeeds his father Edward IV as king of England. He is never crowned, and disappears presumed murdered, after incarceration in the Tower of London with his younger brother Richard (the “Princes in the Tower”).
1682René-Robert Cavelier, sieur (lord) de La Salle, claimed the Mississippi River basin for France, naming it Louisiana.
1731 – British mariner Robert Jenkins’ ear cut off by Spanish Guarde Costa in the Caribbean, later catalyst for war between Britain & Spain.
1768 – John Hancock refuses to allow two British customs agents to go below deck of his ship, considered by some to be the first act of physical resistance to British authority in the colonies.
1865 – Confederate General Robert E. Lee and 26,765 troops surrender at Appomattox Court House to US Lieutenant General Ulysses S Grant (US Civil War).
1869 – Hudson Bay Company cedes its territory to Canada.
1963An act of Congress conferred honorary U.S. citizenship on Sir Winston Churchill.
1992 – John Major elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after his Conservative Party wins the most votes in British electoral history.
2001American Airlines officially completed its acquisition of Trans World Airlines and became the world’s largest airline.
2003 – Baghdad falls to U.S. forces, ending the Invasion of Iraq, but resulting in widespread looting.
2005Charles, Prince of Wales, who was first in line to the British throne, married Camilla Parker Bowles. 

Births & Deaths:
1918 – Danish architect,
Jørn Utzon, best known for for his dynamic, imaginative, but problematic design for the Sydney Opera House in Australia, was born.  

1959 – 13th NBA Championship: Boston Celtics sweep Minnesota Lakers in 4 games, first of Boston Celtics record 8 straight titles. 

2012 – “The Lion King” becomes highest-grossing Broadway show after overtaking “The Phantom of the Opera”. 

TV & Film:
1976 – “All the President’s Men”, directed by Alan J. Pakula, based on the novel by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward detailing their Watergate investigation, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford, is released. 

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