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1565 – Compromise of the Nobles in Habsburg Netherlands closes against inquisition

1814 – Treaty of Ghent signed, ending the War of 1812 between the United States, the United Kingdom and their allies

1936 – 1st radioactive isotope medicine administered in Berkeley, California

1943 – US President FDR appoints General Eisenhower Supreme Commander of the Allied forces

1951 – Idris I, head of the Sanūsiyyah (a Sufi Muslim brotherhood), was proclaimed king of an independent United Kingdom of Libya.

1979 -The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan to aid the Afghan communist government in its conflict with anticommunist Muslim guerrillas during the Afghan War.

1990 – Saddam Hussein says Israel will be Iraq’s 1st target

1992 – US President George H. W. Bush pardons Caspar Weinberger for Iran-contra affair

1994 – Four Muslim fundamentalists capture Air France pilot in Algiers

1997 – The Dominican Republic becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty

1999 – Opening of St Peter’s Holy Door by Pope John Paul II in approach of 3rd millennium

2000 – The Texas 7 hold up a sports store in Irving, Texas. Police officer Aubrey Hawkins is shot during the robbery

2001 – “Time Magazine” names New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani ‘Person of the Year’, for leadership after 9/11 attacks

2003 – Spanish police thwart an attempt by ETA to detonate 50 kg of explosives at 3:55 p.m. inside Madrid’s busy Chamartín Station.

2012 – 11 kindergarten children are killed after a minivan plunges into a roadside pond in Jiangxi, China

Births & Deaths:

1997 – Japanese actor Mifune Toshirō, known internationally for his energetic, flamboyant portrayals of samurai characters, especially in films directed by Kurosawa Akira, died near Tokyo.

Film & TV:

1922 – BBC broadcasts first British radio play “The Truth about Father Christmas”


1871 – Giusseppi Verdi’s “Aida” opera premieres in Cairo


1889 – Daniel Stover & William Hance patent bicycle with back pedal brake

1982 – Chaminade, with a student body of only 850 students, beats #1 ranked Virginia 77-72 in a Honolulu holiday basketball classic

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