Paraguay will move embassy back to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem – Israel shutters down its embassy

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Paraguay will move its embassy in Israel back to Tel Aviv, reversing a May decision by former President Horacio Cartes to move the diplomatic site to Jerusalem, the South American country’s foreign minister told reporters on Wednesday.

The Times of Israel

Paraguay’s Foreign Minister Luis Alberto Castiglioni says his country is moving its embassy from Jerusalem back to Tel Aviv after four months to help efforts to broker regional peace.

“Paraguay wants to contribute to an intensification of regional diplomatic efforts to achieve a broad, fair and lasting peace in the Middle East,” Castiglioni tells reporters.

Israel has shuttered its embassy in Paraguay entirely in response to the country’s decision to move its embassy back to Tel Aviv four months after it moved it to Jerusalem.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it viewed the move “with great severity” and that it would “cloud bilateral relations.”

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