Public Lecture : Relationship between youth work and young people involved in violence

Reading Time: 2 minutesuni lecture.jpgThe Faculty of Social Wellbeing of the University of Malta announced that Mr. Pete Harris from Newman University will be holding a public lecture at the University of Malta on the relationship between youth work and young people involved in violence, using subculture/street social capital to engage young people.

Building on research carried out in 3 European Countries (see project Touch) and his own doctoral study, this public lecture will introduce students to key theoretical approaches to subculture, masculinity and violence. These will include Elijah Anderson’s notion of ‘subcultural capital’, Pierre Bourdieu’s ‘field’ theory, Raewyn Connell’s hierarchical model of masculinities and psychosocial criminological approaches to male violence (Jefferson and Gadd). The tutor input will encourage students to reflect on how these ‘thinking tools’ can help youth workers understand the subcultural contexts in which they are engaging young people, and young men in particular. One distinctive focus will be on viewing male violence as, in part, a product of denied vulnerability. Mr. Harris will discuss how these ideas might form the basis of a critical approach to gender education with young people embroiled in violent subcultures.

The seminar will be held on Saturday 14th April at the Grand Hotel in Mġarr Gozo and will start at 0830 am.

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