Roads claim life of White-Taxi driver after head-on collision in Burmarrad, Malta (Updated)

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A 31-year old white-taxi driver from Safi, is reported to have died, after a head-on collision in Burmarrad, Malta. Newsbook quotes police sources who confirmed the tragic news.

The accident happened around 1215/1230 am of Saturday, according to TVM, whose report also confirms that four persons were on one of the taxis. The four tourists, from Scotland are reported to have not suffered any injury.

Ambulances were deployed on location to provide first assistance.

The two taxi-drivers were hospitalised and were in a critical condition. Newsbook, reported that the police confirmed that one of the drivers died later on at Mater Dei Hospital.

Net News reports that the victim is Christen Cachia, a person well known in the Safi community, due to his involvement in the feast of the locality. Similarly iNews reports this.  The driver reports that the victim is a former Armed Forces of Malta soldier, had a young daughter.

Police Statement:

Preliminary investigations by the District Police found that there was a collision between a Peugeot 207 driven by a 31-year-old man from Safi and a Peugeot Expert Traveller driven by a 59-year-old man from Zejtun. Four persons, aged between 18 and 24 years were passengers in the Peugeot Expert Traveller.

Several ambulances were called on site to assist the victims. All persons involved were taken to Mater Dei Hospital for any medical treatment needed. Later the Police were informed that unfortunately, the 31-year-old lost his life. The 59-year-old driver was certified as suffering from serious injuries whilst the four passengers were certified as suffering from slight injuries.

A Magisterial Inquiry was appointed Into the case whilst Police investigations are still underway.


via TVM / Newsbook / One News iNews Net News / Times of Malta 

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