Salvini insists League not joining EPP

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Deputy Premier and Transport and Infrastructure Minister Matteo Salvini dismissed talk of his League party joining the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), saying such a move “is not on the agenda”.

The League currently belongs to the right-wing, Eurosceptic Identity and Democracy Party (ID) in the European Parliament.

“I continue to work for an agreement between the centre-right parties in Brussels with the aim to be more incisive in some battles,” Salvini told Trentino’s Il T newspaper.

“In recent years we have witnessed an axis between the EPP and the Socialists.

“I don’t think moderate and centre-right voters like that.

“What does the EPP think about surrogacy, which I consider an abomination? Or about restrictions on the auto sector that have European businesses and workers on their knees?”


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