Sanchez wins Catalan support to form new Spanish government

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Spain’s interim Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has been backed by Catalonia’s largest separatist party to form a coalition government.

Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) MPs are to abstain in a confidence vote next week, paving the way for a new term for Mr Sánchez.

The ERC said a Mr Sanchez-led government would hold talks on Catalonia’s future.

The Socialist Party has struck a deal to form a coalition government with far-left party Podemos. Yet the Socialist Party and Podemos still don’t have a majority in parliament, meaning they need the support of other smaller parties, including the ERC.

Spain has been racked by political uncertainty for almost a year.

The country saw two inconclusive elections last year coupled with Catalonia’s on-going drive for independence.

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