S&D group meets to discuss EU agenda after Covid-19

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Socialists and Democrats President Iratxe García Pérez said Malta was chosen as the location for a conference for the S&D group in order to show support for the country’s reforms and recovery plan.

The goal of the meeting in Malta was to give a new impetus to parliamentary work after the difficult circumstances imposed by Covid-19 restrictions, S&D said. S&D MEPs met in person to advance the agenda on the crucial challenges that the EU faces: Economic Recovery and Resilience, the Digital Transformation, a Sustainable Future as proposed by the Fit for 55 package, and Relaunching the EU partnership with the Southern Neighbourhood and the Mediterranean.

Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Robert Abela said the issue of abortion needed to be properly discussed without being politicised. “I have to mention the rights of the unborn child because it would not be prudent to not voice the rights of the unborn child. The discussion should go on, but we should respect the divergent perspectives. I look forward to the discussion continuing,” Abela said. 

Socialists and Democrats President Iratxe García Pérez echoed his position saying that she was aware that a debate on abortion was taking place in Malta.

“Many years ago, there was no debate. So, the fact there is one now means different positions can be represented. We are very aware that this first step has been taken,” she said. 

The two leaders said commitment by all member states was needed regarding migration. García Pérez said some countries carry a greater burden than others because of their geographical position.

“When we speak about refugees, the approach is not coordinated and each and every country is left on its own. Our country can only take in so many people and our burden has been disproportionate. We need to tackle the problem at its origin.

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