Special hours in Australia for shopping by elderly, people with disabilities

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Woolworths in Australia has introduced special hours in its supermarkets to ensure that elderly and people with disabilities will be able to shop in less crowded aisles during the coronavirus pandemic.

Woolworths stores will open exclusively to the elderly and those with a disability from 7:00am to 8:00am daily.

They will be granted access by showing a relevant, government-issued elderly, pensioner or disability card, while other shoppers will not be able to enter until after 8:00am.

The move comes after scenes of panic-buying, clashes between shoppers and scuffles over toilet paper, as Australians look to stock up in the fear of shortages due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Australia’s coronavirus death toll hit five overnight, with Victoria declaring a state of emergency after more than 70 confirmed cases in the state, and the ACT making a public health emergency declaration.

Woolworths said the new hours would be in place until at least March 20.

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