Steward files EU complaint against government and judiciary / Malta News Briefing – Friday 14 April 2023

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The Times of Malta reveals that a PN mayor who defied party orders to resign amid a controversial local council high-rise vote has been nominated by the government as an ambassador. Naxxar mayor Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami has been chosen by the Labour government as Malta’s non-resident ambassador to Bulgaria.

TVM reports that the Appeals Court has confirmed a five year prison sentence for a 56 year old man from Victoria, Gozo, who had been found guilty of abusing a 15 year old boy.

The Malta Independent report that Finance Minister Clyde Caruana has apologised for breaching the code of ethics over a Facebook sponsored post advert, and has refunded the funds it cost to the treasury.

Newsbook says that the FKNK hunters’ federation and the Kaċċaturi San Ubertu have both asked the authorities to investigate after BirdLife presented a dead turtle dove on the steps of the Auberge de Castille as proof that a spring hunting season for the vulnerable species has already begun in Malta.

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Steward files EU complaint against government and judiciary

Steward Health Care International has filed a formal complaint to the European Commission against the government and the judiciary for infringement of EU law. The company targeted the judge who had concluded that the deal was fraudulent and alleged that the verdict was driven by political motives, saying he “significantly and deliberately” overreached his remit. It insisted the judgment breaches EU law on various fronts. “It is incompatible with the key principle of free movement of capital, and is not compliant with the general principles of legal certainty and legitimate expectations, as well as the principle of proportionality,” it said. (Times of Malta)

PBS criticised after Holocaust denier given air time to promote Hitler biography

The national broadcaster is being accused of allowing an author of a work justifying Nazi-fascism, denying the Holocaust and celebrating the German dictator Adolf Hitler. PEN Malta demanded explanations and for immediate action from TVM and the minister responsible for it, Owen Bonnici, regarding a programme that promoted and recommended the book “Mein Führer Adolf Hitler, L-Istorja u l-Bijografija” without any hint of critical appraisal. The book is written by Ronald Bugeja, a prison official and historian who has also appeared various other times on TVM programmes as a guest. (Maltatoday

David Agius to contest MEP elections

The Nationalist Party’s executive committee on Thursday approved its former deputy leader David Agius as a candidate for next year’s European Parliament election. The PN now has four candidates on its list: apart from Agius, incumbents Roberta Metsola and David Casa already have the go-ahead, together with Peter Agius whose nomination was accepted a few months ago. (The Malta Independent)

Tourism expenditure in Feb reaches €87m
Last February, 132,513 tourists visited Malta – an increase of almost sixty-eight thousand tourists over February of last year. NSO figures show that the number of nights tourists spent in Malta increased by 57 percent to more than 800,000 nights compared to February 2022. The tourists spent the majority of their nights in rented accommodation, with the average of just over six nights. On tourist expenditure in Malta, the NSO reported that in February tourists spent almost €87 million, i.e. an increase of 47 million compared to the same month last year. (TVM)

Clapping for nurses is not enough – PN leader

It is not enough for the government to “clap for nurses” during the pandemic to show appreciation, PN party leader Bernard Grech said when talking about the ongoing issues between the government and the Midwives and Nurses Union (MUMN). He added that he hopes that there is a serious resolution between the government and the MUMN, and he hopes that they come to a necessary agreement, so that the impact on patients will decrease. (The Malta Independent)

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