Stromboli volcano erupted again

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Stromboli blew its stack again on Sunday morning spooking the inhabitants of the iconic volcanic island.

Two strong explosions were clearly felt by residents at around five o’clock in the morning. Volcanic rocks were spewed out onto the entire terrace of the crater and along the Sciara del Fuoco, spreading panic on the Aeolian island which is packed with tourists at the moment. No damage to property, life or limb was reported – unlike last July when a hiker was killed by an inferno of fire while walking near the summit.

The victim, 35-year-old naval officer Massimo Imbesi, was a passionate lover of the volcano. The island was made famous by the classic 1950 Italian-American film Stromboli directed by Roberto Rossellini and starring his wife Ingrid Bergman.

Stromboli, part of the string of eight Aeolian Islands, has erupted very frequently in small, energetic bursts for centuries, sometimes destroying buildings and causing residents to flee.


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