Suddenly we are half a million – Michael Falzon

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On the occasion of World Population Day on July 11, the National Statistics Office (NSO) published the latest Maltese population figures. Many were shocked to learn that in 2018 our population increased by some 18,000 to reach the figure of 493,559. Six months past the end of 2018 cut-off date, the Maltese population has undoubtedly reached – and probably surpassed – the half a million mark.

Michael Falzon writes on MaltaToday that while this news came as a shock to many – the many who could not understand the ‘rush’ for the increase in new residential units – attributing it to the greed of developers without realising that there was – and still is – a demand for residences…

He argues that  ballooning population number is behind many statistics that we were aware of: the number of cars keeps increasing, the numbers of passengers carried by the public transport system keep increasing, the loads on our infrastructure – electricity, water and sewage disposal system – keep increasing.

I would be surprised if anyone has the gumption to say that the country was prepared for this sudden increase in population.

Falzon adds “Suddenly, we have found that today we are half a million. What about tomorrow and the next day? Meanwhile we have no economic planning, no demographic planning, no physical planning – no planning of any sort. Will our population keep on increasing until the country bursts to the seams, so to speak… without government adopting specific well-thought-out policies to stem the tide?”

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