Swiss oppose plan to end free movement of citizens from EU – poll

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Most of the Swiss seem to oppose a referendum campaign launched by the far right aimed at ending free movement of citizens from the European Union according to a poll published on Sunday found.

A Tamedia online survey of around 11,000 people across Switzerland found 58% were against the idea, 35% approved it and 7% had no opinion. It had a 2-point margin of error.

A binding referendum which is being billed as Switzerland’s “Brexit moment” is expected in May.

The referendum drive reflects unease with the influx of foreigners, who now account for a quarter of the Swiss population. But imposing limits on EU citizens would violate bilateral accords that enhance Swiss access to the EU single market, the lifeblood of the export-led Swiss economy.

The referendum under the Swiss system of direct democracy

Via Reuters / New York Times / Guardian

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