The CorporateDispatch Week – 12th October 2019

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This week the geopolitical scenario took a very particular twist where understanding what happened and how it evolved is paramount to see where this might go. In this week’s edition of The Week, we try to see the Turkish ground and air assault launched on Wednesday and its impact by trying to understand some of the main actors in this drama. CiConsulta‘s geopolitical analyst and expert Matthew Bugeja presents the scenario of Turkey’s action against a Syrian militia that has been a crucial American ally in the fight against ISIS from Turkey’s point of geopolitical standing.

The incursion started days after President Trump agreed to let the operation proceed. The New York Times presents the argument that the Turkish warplanes bombed Syrian towns and troops crossed the border led to chaos in the US foreign policy.

President Trump issued what at best seem to be contradictory policy statements in the face of strident opposition from his Republican allies in Congress.

Trump approved of the Turkish operation in a call with Turkey’s president on Sunday, agreeing to move American troops out of Turkey’s way despite opposition from his own State Department and military. On Wednesday, hours after the operation began, he condemned it, calling it “a bad idea.”

The Kurds, once again were betrayed and abandoned.‘s editor Tonio Galea analyses how the fate of the Kurds was once again abandoned and their faith betrayed.

Elsewhere this week marked an important development in the BREXIT saga as on Thursday. Although its is not clear where this saga will end, among all the disagreement there is one thing that is clear. As The Telegraph reports “It ismanifestly in everyone’s interest if the UK leaves the EU in an orderly, friendly and constructive way.” However at this stage though, it seems a distant possibility and in the days ahead the future will be riding on the judgment of the players in the Brexit deal negotiations in the days ahead.

The European Union, while presenting a united front on BREXIT, had a situation within, as the person nominated by Macron as Commissioner didn’t make it, thus leading to a delay in the Von Der Leyen Commission set up. CorporateDispatch.Com correspondent in Brussels share here views on the matter.

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