The new ‘face’ of poverty in Italy is a ‘mother of two’ in her forties – Caritas

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The new poverty in Italy has changed identity and face.

The new ‘poor’ is a woman, Italian, with two children and an average age of around 40.

The identikit emerges from the Caritas 2020 Report on poverty and social exclusion in Italy, entitled “The antibodies of solidarity”, and published on the occasion of the World Day to Fight Poverty.

The numbers portray a society in constant trouble and in an economic crisis worse than that of 2008.

The pandemic has created economic hardship to a number of families apart from the deaths of many.

The percentage of “new poor” taken care of by the diocesan Caritas network went from 31% in the months from May to September 2019, to 45% in the same period of 2020.

In 2020, the Caritas centres helped 44,858 people in its 680 centres (from May to September). Of these twenty thousand went for the first time in search of help.

Among the people who ask for help this year there are also many small traders and self-employed workers: with respect to this front the diocesan Caritas have provided specific economic support, in 136 dioceses dedicated funds have been activated, useful for supporting the most urgent expenses (rent of buildings , mortgage payments, utilities, purchases useful for restarting the activity).

Altogether 2,073 small traders and self-employed workers were sought help.

Among those assisted in the period from March to May, the unemployed prevail, people with irregular employment stopped due to the restrictions imposed by the lockdown, employees awaiting the ordinary or derogatory layoffs and precarious or intermittent workers who, at the time of taking into loaded, did not enjoy social safety nets.

The number of women who asked for help from May to September, immediately after the lockdown, was 54.4% compared to 50.5% in 2019.

The number of young people between 18 and 34 years old went from 20% to 22 , 7%, Italians are today 52% of the poor, compared to 47.9% in 2019, they have overtaken foreigners. The number of impoverished families with dependent relatives, then elderly parents, infirm has gone from 52.3% in 2019 to 58.3% in recent months.

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