Trump formally launches 2020 re-election bid

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US President Donald Trump has formally launched his re-election campaign, urging supporters to “keep this team in place” for four more years.

Promising the “mother of all rallies” around 20,000 people attended the rally in Orlando Florida to hear the man they say has their interests at heart, tackling immigration and creating jobs.

Florida is a key battleground state and one that Trump won narrowly in 2016.

One after another, he delivered familiar applause lines designed to induce chants — “build the wall,” “CNN sucks” and “lock her up” among them — that have been mainstays of his campaign rallies for four years now.

Trump used the announcement to lash out at Democrats, accusing them of trying to “rip your country apart”.

Early polls place Mr Trump behind some potential Democratic challengers.


Via CBS News

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