Trump Impeachment Drama Not Changing Minds, New Polls Show

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The televised impeachment proceedings that’s gripped Washington and parts of the nation over the past month has done little to change public opinion about President Donald Trump and impeachment, according to two polls released on Sunday.

Half of those surveyed think the president should be impeached and removed from office with 41% opposed, according to a Fox News survey.

In a separate CBS poll, 46% said Trump deserved to be impeached over his actions toward Ukraine, up from 43% in November.

Days before the House is expected to impeach Trump, only 42% in the CBS survey said that the Senate should then convict and remove him. One in five said the Senate shouldn’t hold a trial at all.

Trump’s job approval rating ticked higher in the Fox poll, to 45% from 42% in late October, and dipped in the CBS measurement, to 44% from 46% in November.

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