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With every news cycle, a number of events take place. Your media briefing is intended to present you a snapshot of the main events of the past 24 hours through a review of over 30 news portals and agencies from Malta, Mediterranean, Europe  and the rest of the world.

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Italy US (1)They described themselves as two outsiders to politics yet they’re leading two countries. The visit by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to the US and his meeting with President Donald Trump focused on a number of issues and positioned Italy as the ‘country’ which can bridge the US with the rest of Europe. thechoicedistrict (1)



money footballAccording to a report on the Mail on Sunday, four English Premier League teams are being sponsored by Maltese companies to the tune of £21 million. thechoicedistrict (1)



Newspaper Headlines Malta.pngThe Times of Malta reports  British House of Commons committee report claiming close associations between Malta’s Labour Party, cash-for-passports agents Henley & Partners and the SCL Group, a now-defunct intelligence company embroiled in the Cambridge Analytica debacle, has been slammed by the government and called “fake news”.
L-Orizzont reports about the increase in the Social Benefits that has been done in the past years quoting Minister Michael Farrugia saying that this is a reflection of a Government which believes in social justice.


Copy of PN Dissent.pngThe Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia declared that there are no intentions from the Nationalist Party to take action against former leader Simon Busuttil following the publication of the Egrant Inquiry. The Malta Independent and In-Nazzjon also lead with this story. thechoicedistrict (1)



Malta Japan.pngPrime Minister Joseph Muscat said that Malta will be the new home for the second largest aircraft leasing company in the world, an emerging sector which shows how diversified Malta’s economy is. Muscat met Chief Executive Officer of the Japan External Trade Corporation, Hiroyuki Ishiga to discuss possible new areas of trade initiatives between Malta and Japan. The meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan, where the Prime Minister is leading a trade delegation.


Newspaper Headlines Malta.png

The Malta Independent reports that a second European Arrest Warrant (EAW) for Maria Efimova can only be issued should new charges be brought against her by the police, The Malta Independent is informed. “If the person was extradited on specific charges, they would not be able to be charged with another offence,” legal sources explained.

The first EAW against Efimova issued after she fled Malta following charges of misappropriating €2,000 at Pilatus Bank and making false accusations against three police officers, one of whom was Jonathan Ferris

The Independent also features a photo story of what appears to be pay-back time, posters slamming former PN leader Simon Busuttil and slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia have been affixed in on the Great Siege Memorial in Valletta, which serves as a tribute to Caruana Galizia. Similar posters have also been affixed in Marsa. Since Caruana Galizia was killed in October, her followers have repeatedly affixed banners and posters calling for justice.


Copy of Greece Wild Fire.png

The Greek government is facing criticism as the extent of the damage from the worst wildfires in recent memory becomes clear. Fire officials in Greece raised the death toll from a wildfire that raged through a coastal area east of Athens to 91 and reported that 25 people were missing Sunday, six days after Europe’s deadliest forest fire in more than a century .thechoicedistrict (1)



Copy of mn (1).pngA mother made a heartfelt appeal to ensure that all children are constantly supervised to prevent kidnapping. Police confirmed that they are holding a man in connection with the attempted abduction of a five-year old boy. The case occurred on Sunday at Għadira bay.


TunisiaTunisian airport employees plan to strike on Wednesday and Thursday, disrupting the reviving tourist trade, unless the government meets demands for improved working conditions, a labour union official said on Monday.thechoicedistrict (1)



italian atheleteItalian athlete Daisy Osakue said Monday she was attacked at Moncalieri, near Turin, overnight because she is black.thechoicedistrict (1)


Copy of Copy of Brexit UpdateDowning Street has insisted the Government is engaged in “good planning” and taking “sensible precautions” in case there is a no-deal Brexit.

UK negotiators have told their counterparts in Brussels that about 7,000 European-based investment funds that rely on British clients for their cash and profits will be hit by regulators unless the EU changes its position on the City of London after Brexit.thechoicedistrict (1)



Newspaper Headlines Malta.png

Malta will likely be taken back to the European Court of Justice if it goes ahead and opens a trapping season in October, sources in Brussels told the Times of Malta.

In another story The Times carries a photo related to work by fireman after a fire which engulfed a pharmacy in Sliema yesterday.



img_3040-3Animal rights activists in Italy have called for tougher penalties against animal cruelty after a rescue dog that saved people in a major earthquake was poisoned and killed.thechoicedistrict (1)



killing serbiaLawyers in Serbia will suspend work for a week starting on Monday because of the murder of their colleague Dragoslav Miso Ognjanovic. The Bar Associations of Serbia (AKS) and Belgrade (AKB) have announced this.thechoicedistrict (1)



Italy CardboardThe hospital in Reggio Calabria, Italy resorted to an unusual alternative to orthopaedic casts as the emergency service was running short of plaster supplies. Patients with broken limbs were treated, instead, with makeshift cardboard casts while they waited for the hospital’s orthopaedic department to open the morning after.thechoicedistrict (1)



Iran CurrencyIran’s currency has plunged to another record low, dropping past 100,000 rials to the US dollar, as Iranians brace for August 7 when the United States is due to reimpose the first batch of sanctions on their economy.thechoicedistrict (1)



MH370Malaysia released Monday the “full” report into the disappearance of Flight MH370 but failed to bring closure for the families of those on board the plane as the investigation team was unable to determine what happened to the jet.thechoicedistrict (1)



RyanAirRyanair’s German pilots have voted for industrial action, joining several of the airline’s other unions across Europe, as a summer of strikes looks set to spread. This creates the perfect conditions for more turbulence for the airline.thechoicedistrict (1)



manafort CNNDonald Trump is giving Americans a glimpse of the fury raging inside him as a pivotal moment nears for special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, and different strands of political and legal vulnerability swirling around the President become ever more threatening.thechoicedistrict (1)



Elections CambodiaCambodia’s ruling party on Sunday claimed victory in the general election, amid criticism of voter intimidation and the absence of any significant challenger to Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has ruled the country for 33 years.thechoicedistrict (1)



Cnn bishop AustraliaPope Francis has accepted the resignation of the Australian Archbishop Philip Wilson of Adelaide, the highest ranking Catholic official ever to be convicted of covering up sex abuse.thechoicedistrict (1)



Qatar WC 2Qatar denies any wrongdoing for 2022 World Cup bid, in view of recent accusations published by the UK Times. thechoicedistrict (1)


CosbyBill Cosby’s lawyers are challenging the legality of the process under which he is being considered to be classified as a sexually violent predator.thechoicedistrict (1)




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