Two-year-old dies after four days trapped in a borehole in India

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A two-year-old Indian boy has died after remaining four days trapped inside a deep borehole. The boy, Fatehveer Singh, had fallen into the well while playing outside his house in the Indian state of Punjab .

India emergency services mounted a 110-hour rescue operation from the borehole – drilled into the earth to retrieve water – in a field in the village of Bhagwanpura, in Punjab state’s Sangrur district on Thursday.

But authorities had been able to supply oxygen to the toddler but not food or water. His body had reportedly begun to decompose by the time rescuers reached him.

The entrance to the 45 meter shaft had reportedly been covered with a piece of cloth.

He became stuck at a depth of 38m.

State authorities dug a parallel hole in an unsuccessful bid to reach him, before rescuers pulled him to the surface with a rope on Tuesday.

He was taken to a hospital in the state capital of Chandigarh but confirmed dead on arrival.

The failure of the rescue operation has provoked anger in the village, where protests erupted after news of his death emerged.

Well falls are not uncommon in India, where holes dug to draw water are often left dangerously open. Many such falls lead to successful rescues.

Via The Independent

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