US Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg questions Trump’s decision to launch attack killing Suleimani

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US Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg said he has “serious questions” over whether President Trump is prepared to deal with the consequences of his decision to launch the airstrike that reportedly killed Qassim Suleimani and said it must not lead to “another endless war.”

Buttigieg, who in 2014, served as a member of the U.S. Navy Reserve in Afghanistan said that as a former military intelligence officer on the ground in Afghanistan, I was trained to ask the hard questions before acting. A Commander-in-Chief must do the same.”

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“Before engaging in military action that could destabilize an entire region, we must take a strategic, deliberate approach that includes consultation with Congress, our allies, and stakeholders in the Middle East.”

Buttigieg said the role of Congress “must be respected” and that the Trump administration must let the public know “how we arrived at this point, the national security infrastructure we have in place and the basis for this decision.”

Bernie Sanders brought his arguments about America being rigged against the working class into a stark Friday warning about the “unintended consequences” of the U.S. killing Iran’s top military commander.

He said that the strike on Gen. Qasem Soleimani was a “dangerous escalation that brings us closer to another disastrous war in the Middle East.” He argued the Trump administration’s move, like the 2003 invasion of Iraq, could wreak havoc on the least powerful Americans.

“I know that it is rarely the children of the billionaire class who face the agony of reckless foreign policy. It is the children of working families,” Sanders said, in describing meeting the the families of soldiers killed in combat when he led the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Via Pete Buttigieg Office, Washington Times, CNBC 

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