Vivian Launches The Vivian Academy

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Vivian has formally launched its Vivian Academy, a new business arm that leverages the company’s expertise, experience and strong professional network built throughout its seventy years of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

“Having commemorated our company’s 70th anniversary, we now want to empower our own people, industry partners, stakeholders and our wider communities for more informed healthcare,” said Hannah Cremona, the Academy’s strategic lead advisor. 

The company is constantly nurturing its relationships with all its stakeholders namely healthcare professionals and pharmacy, laboratory and clinic owners in both the private and public sectors. The Vivian Academy will therefore focus on the empowerment of its people, its partners and stakeholders and the general public.

“We have extensive knowledge to share, and we believe that by sharing this knowledge through the Academy we will ensure that all our stakeholders are better informed thus contributing to a stronger industry. Our knowledge will also empower patients and the general public because the more informed people are, the better their decisions, which is crucial especially when it comes to healthcare,” added Ms Cremona.

Through the Vivian Academy, the company will also continue to invest and offer all its employees with personal and professional development through various group training, workshops, coaching and mentorship. Considerable investment will also be dedicated each year to empowering and educating Vivian’s frontline partners namely the doctors and pharmacists, with whom the company enjoys a very special rapport.

“Plans are in place for the Vivian Academy to become an accredited centre for Continued Professional Development (CPD) for various healthcare professionals and we are discussing with established training centres in the UK and Ireland to set up affiliated and accredited CPD courses for healthcare professionals,” said Ms Cremona.

“Through the work and the products we deliver, we seek to support and empower people at all stages of their life. Through the Vivian Academy, we will now use our knowledge and experience to educate and engage with all our stakeholders. The Academy will become a hub of empowerment,” concluded Hannah Cremona.

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