Will the MV Diciotti berth in Catania?

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The #Diciotti ship will dock in Catania. The Minister of Transport Danilo Toninelli wrote on Twitter. “The brave men of the coastguard – the minister’s tweet continues – have fulfilled their duty by saving human lives just 17 miles from Lampedusa, and Europe is now fasting its share”.

Interior Minister Salvini said that  until he is sure that the 177 migrants on board will go elsewhere, the ship won’t be allowed in.

Sources from the Interior Ministry, quoted by ANSA underlined that “we await answers from Europe. Until that moment, no one will come down from the Diciotti.”

Earlier Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi said “A decisive action by the European institutions, which Italy naturally fully supports, can make it possible to overcome the difficulties in an orderly and systematic manner and to make the burden-sharing approach, which has already been applied several times, more structural, in the last two months, on the basis of ad hoc agreements between the same States “.


The European Union is trying to find countries willing to take 177 people rescued at sea after Italy sought its help to deal with yet another migrant standoff with Malta.

The Italian Coast Guard ship Diciotti had been left stranded near Lampedusa for the past few days after both Italy and Malta refused it entry.

The vessel was steaming towards Pozzallo in Sicily on Monday but it is understood that the migrants will not be allowed off the ship until the EU brokers an agreement.

The Diciotti was at the centre of the latest stand-off between Malta and Italy.

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