EU agenda

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Here are the upcoming events for this week:

05 October: Ministers will discuss the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Facility and are expected to adopt a Council implementing decision approving the national recovery and resilience plan for Malta. European Parliament’s plenary continues. On the agenda is US-EU relations, the situation in Belarus and the Pandora papers

06 October: EU environment ministers will meet in Luxembourg for their first meeting under the Slovenian presidency.

07 October: EU justice ministers aim to approve Council conclusions on the EU strategy on the rights of the child. The strategy, presented by the European Commission on 24 March 2021, proposes concrete actions to protect, promote and fulfil children’s rights.

08 October: Under the motto “The future is ours”, 3 000-4 000 young people from across the EU and beyond will gather in Strasbourg and online on 8 and 9 October to exchange ideas and contribute to the ongoing discussions of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

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