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1492 – Ensisheim Meteorite strikes a wheat field near the village of Ensisheim in Alsace, France. Oldest meteorite with a known date of impact.

1872 – Cargo ship Mary Celeste sails from Staten Island for Genoa; mysteriously found abandoned four weeks later

1917 – [OS Oct 25] October Revolution in Russia; Lenin and the Bolsheviks seize power, capture the Winter Palace and overthrow the Provisional Government.

1931 – Chinese People’s Republic proclaimed by Mao Zedong

1989 – American politician Douglas Wilder was elected governor of Virginia, becoming the first African American to win a U.S. gubernatorial election.

1991 – American professional basketball player Magic Johnson announced that he was HIV-positive and was immediately retiring from the sport; he later played part of the 1995–96 season.

1996 – NASA launched Mars Global Surveyor, a robotic spacecraft designed to carry out a long-term study of the planet; contact with the spacecraft was lost in 2006.

2000 – The U.S. presidential election ended in a statistical tie between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush, only to be settled on December 12 by the U.S. Supreme Court after a bitter legal dispute.

2000 – American politician Hillary Clinton was elected to the U.S. Senate, becoming the first first lady to win elective office.

2004 – War in Iraq: The interim government of Iraq calls for a 60-day “state of emergency” as U.S. forces storm the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah.

2012 – Voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington approve measures for same-sex marriage

2018 – World’s oldest figurative painting of a beast at least 40,000 years old identified in Lubang Jeriji Saléh cave, Indonesian Borneo

2019 – Song lyrics have gotten sadder says researchers who studied 50 years of lyrics at University of Exeter, published in journal “Evolutionary Human Sciences”

2019 – Congolese rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda, the “Terminator” is the to be convicted of sexual slavery by the International Criminal Court and is sentenced to 30 years in prison 2019 – Queen Elizabeth II confirms she is no longer buying clothes made with real fur arges

2020 – Former Vice-President Joe Biden declared the winner of the US Presidential race, four days after the US election, defeating sitting President Donald Trump

Births & Deaths:

1980 – American movie star Steve McQueen, known for his portrayal of macho loners in such films as The Great Escape (1963) and Bullitt (1968), died at age 50.

2016– American lawyer and public official Janet Reno, who was the first female attorney general (1993–2001) of the United States, died at age 78.

Film & TV:

1932 – 1st broadcast of “Buck Rogers in the 25th century” on CBS-radio


1786 – The oldest musical organization in the United States is founded as the Stoughton Musical Society.

2000 – “TP-2.com” 4th studio album by R. Kelly is released (American Music Awards Favorite Male Soul/R&B Artist 2001, Billboard Album of the Year 2001)


1991 – Magic Johnson announces he has HIV virus & retires from LA Lakers

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