Photo Story: Celebration of the ‘Griteria Chiquita’ in Leon, Nicaragua

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People take pictures of an image of the Virgin of the Assumption during the celebration that was held on Sunday of the Griteria Chiquita in Leon, Nicaragua.

Seventy-five years ago, the city of Leon suffered for more than a month one of the most inclement eruptions of the Cerro Negro volcano.

A circumstance that brought together hundreds of faithful in the Cathedral to perform a prayer guided by the bishop of the diocese, Monsignor Isidro Augusto Oviedo y Reyes, who implored the Virgin of the Assumption for her help to stop the fury of the volcano and promised to celebrate every year a ‘Shouting of Penitence’ or ‘Little Shouting’ (Griteria Chiquita), similar to the traditional Griteria that is held every 07 December.

Via EPA-EFE/Jorge Torres

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