Corporate Dispatch Daily News Feed Roundup

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These are the main headlines for today:


British PM ‘Deeply Shocked And Appalled’ By Murder Of Police Constable

Indonesia Plans To Move Capital From Jakarta

Cathay Pacific CEO Resigns

Rashida Tlaib Given Go-Ahead By Israel To Enter The Country To Visit Grandmother

Four People Disembark From The Open Arms In Lampedusa

Banner Urging Peace Unfurled On Hong Kong Skyscraper, Calls For Boycott Of Disney’s ‘Mulan’

Merkel Calls For Restarting EU Migrant Rescue Mission, Emphasizes Need To Fix Root Cause Of Migration

Sydney Running Out Of Water Due To Drought

Switzerland Introduces Higher Fees For Schengen Visas

Three More Humanitarian Workers Killed In Syria, With Civilian Death Toll ‘Rising Every Day’

Trump Mulled Buying Greenland

Milan Suspends Use Of E-Scooters

Woman Seriously Injured, Others Injured In Multiple Car Collision In Gozo

July Was The Hottest Month Ever Recorded

U.S. Threatens Visa Bans For Crew Of Freed Iranian Oil Supertanker

Metallica Donates 250,000 Euros For Romanian Pediatric Cancer Clinic

UPDATED: Final Farewell To Italian TV Presenter Nadia Toffa To Be Held Today

Unexploded WWII Bomb Found In Kremlin

Brazil Threatens Mercosur Exit

German Police Smash Child Pornography Ring On Darknet

Ryanair Cabin Crew In Spain Threaten 10 Days Of Strikes In September

Trump Says Progress Being Made In Trade Deal With UK

North Korea Rejects Peace Talks With South Korea, Fires Two More Missiles Into The Sea

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