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The arrival of MV Lifeline in Malta, the agreement for a Putin-Trump summit and the elimination of Germany from the World Cup are among the most salient news which happened in the past 24 hours.


MV Life LineThe MV Lifeline docked at Malta on Wednesday evening, bringing to an end a saga which had more than 200 migrants stranded at sea for six days.

oil libyaItaly vs France – How oil interests and territorial control are fuelling the migration disputes and stand offs


US russia summitPresidential adviser to Vladimir Putin on foreign affairs, Yuri Ushakovsaid that Moscow and Washington have reached an agreement on Putin having a summit with U.S. President Donald Trump.


NK Nuclear.pngNorth Korea has continued to upgrade its only known nuclear reactor used to fuel its weapons program, satellite imagery has shown, despite ongoing negotiations with the US and a pledge to denuclearise.


civil parnterhisp ukIn the UK a heterosexual couple have won their legal bid for the right to have a civil partnership instead of a marriage.

Martina CaruanaMartina Caruana received the Queen’s Young Leaders Award for the work she is doing to support women to assume leadership roles by raising awareness of the challenges and barriers that young women face.

Millenial VeteranAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 28, defeated political veteran Joe Crowley, 56, on Tuesday night in their party’s congressional primary in New York City. Mr Crowley, a 10-term Democrat, had been tipped as a future party leader or even Speaker of the House.


us supreme courtBy a 5-to-4 vote, with the more conservative justices in the majority, the US Supreme court ruled that government workers who choose not to join unions may not be required to help pay for collective bargaining.

Germany World Cup FansOnly around 30 percent of German workers were expected to keep their noses to the grindstone until the end of their shift to be able to watch Germany vs. South Korea. It has been estimated that the game could cost German employers up to €200 million ($233.3 million). The end result of the match…. didn’t give much return.

royal christeningKate Middleton and Prince William have announced that Prince Louis will be welcomed into the Church of England in the chapel where his mother Princess Diana’s coffin was kept for five days after she was brought back from Paris.


World CUp Germany.pngGermany were eliminated from the World Cup after suffering a 2-0 defeat against South Korea. It’s the third consecutive time (and fourth in recent editions) that the holders of the cup let it slip away so early in the competition.




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